Monday, November 29, 2010

Lotion Potion

Ever since I made baby toiletries for Callum when I was pregnant, I have been on a kick to do as many of our own products as I can.

It's linked to my bid to keep as many preservatives out of our house as possible - which in turn has a lot to do with trying to raise a healthy little boy.

You might have seen my adventures in soapmaking, which hello? The best soap I have ever used (but I may be biased on that one, just maybe).

Lately, it's been about lotions for the sensitive-and-dry-skinned persons in our household. And fortunately I've got a collection of herbal ingredients and oils to keep us experimenting with such things for quite awhile.

A shelf in our kitchen is currently holding up these:

Herbal infusions of rice bran oil - chamomile flowers on the left, calendula flowers on the right. I use them in moisturizers for extra soothing and healing properties.

I love knowing all the ingredients in our stuff - whether it be lotion, soup or bread. And the most surprising thing about these homemade toiletries (like all the homemade things I do) - it's remarkably easy! Because I am nothing if not a lazy, no . . . er, efficient homemaker!

Happy Monday! Michele

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Katharyn said...

Whoo-Hoo, well done Michele; you go girl!

Any suggestion for resources to get a girl started?