Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pajama Party

We've been sewing. And this time, it wasn't just Mama doing the stitching. Look who was helping me - a very enthusiastic assistant!

We made pajamas like crazy this past weekend.

There were some for cousin Danger.

There were some for cousin Arcadia.

And there were some for Uncle Bracken.

Fortunately, my brother and his family don't read the blog so I can post these pix today instead of after Christmas.

The patterns were some I had in my stash, as were the fabrics for the pajama bottoms. The t-shirts were all very reasonably priced purchases last week that we personalized in some way.

These cozy pj's and a good book to curl up with for each recipient were shipped yesterday and should be in BC in time for the big day.

Hope your weekend crafting felt as successful as ours did!


1 comment:

Katharyn said...

They look awesome Michele! Very nice!!!