Friday, December 03, 2010

The Pastry Quest

Remember my bread quest post from earlier this year, outlining my struggles to learn to make bread? In it, I stated that my next kitchen quest would be to pursue pastry making.

Well, today I can tell you that I am very happy to be a pastry maker. I attribute my succes to this book:

That and my mom being around when it came time to roll it out. Great recipe + motherly intervention = winning combination.

The results were delicious and met with much approval.

Our meal included this yummy salmon quiche:

And this mouth-watering apple tart:

I have to say that I adore this cookbook. I got it out of the library six weeks ago and I've made several recipes from it that have been amazing. And when I read her pastry tips, my pastry-making hopes reignited.

It's a great book, easy to read with tons of hearty, simple recipes that will be favourites at our house for years to come. I highly recommend it and it will be on my wish list, for sure.

I feel mince tarts coming on for Christmas!

Happy holiday baking, Michele

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Katharyn said...

it has (or well will be when I get home) added to my to read list!

Looks lovely!