Monday, December 20, 2010

Solstice Night

Tonight, we'll celebrate the Solstice. There will be a feast, and a bonfire. And there will be wishes for the future and rememberances of the past.

Most importantly, the longest night of the year means that the turning of the earth will bring us back to the days of light.

If you haven't yet, you should give this book a read. It's full of legends, stories and traditions from around the world, all celebrating the sun and the winter solstice.

When you live in the north, whether it's the far north, or just above of the 49th parallel, the light becomes the clock by which you await the seasons. I, for one, love this midwinter day, because if we made it to here, we can surely make it to another spring.

Happy Solstice, Michele


Knatolee said...

Happy SOlstice, and thanks for the book recommendation! I will check it out.

Katharyn said...

Blessed belated Solstice!
The book has been added to my goodreads list.

Even in Phoenix the changing of the seasons, particularly the hours of light that we see change drastically, if you think to look for it.