Thursday, December 09, 2010

Winter Feast

Another food post? Well, that's probably because Mama forgot to take pictures of the festivities at the library last night. Each of the branches in town is hosting a holiday open house during December. Since we super-love our local library system, we wanted to show our support.

They had a children's entertainer, cookies, hot chocolate and a bunch of kids. Callum was quite besotted with all the dancing children and kept trying to crawl in the middle of them. Fortunately, the dancers were obviously used to little ones crawling around because no one stepped on him. :)

But alas no pictures.

So instead, I thought I'd share a bit about one of our favourite meals during these first cold days of winter. (And they have been very cold and very early for this area this year.)

These lovely winter feasts of ours usually start because I get a hankering to make tea biscuits.

I taught myself to make these this year in my quest to make pastry. Kind of like a pastry substitute, if you will, that is also good for dumplings for stew. Yum!

Then we fill the table with warming soup, butter, slices of cheese, cucumber and tomatoes, and ham/salami/pepperoni. Mostly it's whatever we have on hand at the time but it usually looks something like this:

Everyone can graze as much or as little as they like, and nobody ever complains that there wasn't enough. Delicious!

Happy Thursday, Michele


quiltmom said...

Funny Michelle, how that is one of my favorite kind of meals. It was often a Sunday meal - soup and sandwich. I used to make bread - perhaps one day I will take it up again- or at least try the breadmaker again. VBG
Callum must be growing like a weed- They grow and change so fast-
Sounds like you are having lots of fun family times together.
Wishing you all the best for 2011.
May you have a happy and healthy festive season.

Katharyn said...

Love, Love, Love!!! Will make using my maple leaf cutter!