Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Next Level of Diapers

At fifteen months, Callum definitely needs diapers that are bigger. And this time around, we've had enough experience with diapers in all shapes, sizes and designs, that I've modifed my own pattern to suit our preferences.

First off, we had to deal with the size issue, because a 15-month-old backside is quite a bit bigger than the tiny little one I made diapers for previously. So the pattern got upsized.

This new size would have been enough to wrap our little man in when he first came home!

Next, I know that David struggles with little fiddly things on diapers because he is a big guy with big hands and thus he prefers diapers with snaps or velcro. So I added velcro to the latest incarnation with a nice wide strip across the front to make it more sizeable. (I also don't own a snap gun so velcro it is.)

And let's face it . . . without David's support, my cloth diapering venture wouldn't fly at all so I try to make it work for him, too.

I still like pocket diapers the best because I can change up the absorption layer inside. Plus I like being able to pull them all part, ensure that they're clean and dry, and then reassemble them for the next diapering needs.

And finally, I have tried many different fabric combinations over the last year and a bit. I like this one the best, with flannel on the outside, absorbant microfibre in the pocket, and a soft layer of cotton fleece next to the skin.

With a dozen added to the stash, these latest diapers should last Callum through to the other side of potty training.

Now I guess I should go dig out the tiny diapers again for the next little one!

Oh, and have I shown you a picture of my latest sewing helper?

He's really more interested in the way it works, and how to take it apart, than he is in sewing with it. But any interaction with crafty tools on his part makes my heart do a little pitter pat!

Happy Tuesday, Michele

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