Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Shower In A Box

My best friend since 1974 had twins recently. Coleen is actually a year older than I am and I find it lovely that we both waited so long to marry and have children.

I'm tickled for Coleen and her husband and I wanted to celebrate with her in a big way. When I told my Mom that the twins had been born, she wanted to do something special for her "other daughter," too. So we came up with the baby shower in a box idea.

We both made several items for the box and we both purchased lots of things for the box. In the end, we had to tape together two copier paper boxes to fit everything, and send it on the bus since it would have cost a fortune to mail it.

Big and celebratory was the idea, almost as if we were right there with her when she opened it, laughing and cheering. It included several receiving blankets, socks, toys, quilts, sweaters, booties, etc, etc, etc.

Here are pix of my handmade contributions.

For Justis, a kimono-style sweater, a baby sling, booties and a quilt.

And for Jaiden, a kimono-style sweater, baby sling, booties and a quilt.

I had such a blast preparing these things for a dear and wonderful friend and her family. She loved the things we sent and was touched by our reaching out to her and her children. It was a great feeling, both in the making and in the giving.

So that was my big project of the last couple of months. Lots of crafting but not a lot of sharing until now. Two craft posts in one week - that's a record lately.

Hope you're enjoying your Thursday, Michele


quiltmom said...

What a nice thing to do for your soul sister/ friend. I love the things that you have made- I am sure your friend did too.
Hope all is well and that spring is coming to your neck of the woods.
Warmest regards,

Katharyn said...

They are lovely Michele!