Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day 2011!

Here it is - my response to Katharyn's Earth Day Craft Challenge.

It all starts with a $3.99 sweater I found at our local thrift store.

I removed one whole sleeve and the ribbing end of the other and joined them together.

I stitched up a lengthwise seam, added buttons and button holes and I now have a brand new cowl.

I've been wanting to knit myself one for ages and when Katharyn issued the challenge, I thought maybe it would be a good way to work one for myself. Mission accomplished.

And since I had so much sweater left over, I thought I'd make a pair of matching mittens from the same one.

Absolutely adorable!

Happy Earth Day, M


quiltmom said...

What a clever idea Michele- I love the pink striped mitts. Hope all is well with you and yours,

Katharyn said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!

La Tea Dah said...

Ingenious! I love this idea --- what a great way to recycle! The scarf is especially cute with the buttons.

Happy Earth Day to you (I know this is late, but every day should be Earth Day, don't you think?).

Knatolee said...

THese are great!