Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fast Knitting

I just finished promising that I'd show more in progress stuff and here I went and finished a sweater in about 24 hours. Whaaaat?

It's true. The Baby Boy 5-Hour Sweater.

I won't claim that I sat down and knitted for five hours straight. I also won't claim that I actually finished it in five hours - mostly because I didn't time myself but I also kinda doubt it took me so little time. But it was fast - about 24 hours between cast on and cast off.

I still have the ends to weave in but hey, I said I was going to share more WIP's so this could count - if barely.

It's a very sweet pattern, knit from the top down, in Manos del Uruguay, colour 111, on size 5.5mm needles. I have had the yarn for ages and just couldn't find the right pattern for it, until now. I used about a skein and a about a third. The pattern calls for 4 oz, so that's close.

It's a quick and very satisfying knit, perfect for a new baby in your life.

And because I need a new cute picture of the boy on here, this one is Callum and his granny sharing grapes at the table. He's clearly enjoying them!

Happy Tuesday, Michele

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Katharyn said...

Callum is just adorable, and the sweater is very sweet. What's the fiber content?