Sunday, May 22, 2011

UFO's Get Their Day At Last

Both of these soakers were nearly finished before Callum was born, over 18 months ago. All they needed was the drawstring.

As you can see, the little burgandy crochet pants are finally finished. I just knitted up the i-cord for the waist and installed it.

They were made by a coworker's mom and they were one of the last pieces she completed as her eyesight is failing and she finds the handwork too much to do anymore. I figured it was time to get them completed and pass them on to a baby who will get some wear out of them.

The blue striped shorts are next but there was really no hurry for them as they're only just going to fit Callum now . . . at least I hope they will.

They are an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, and although I got gauge bang on, they are huge. So huge that they never would have fit a newborn and we're just getting them on to the toddler now.

Next time I make them, I'm going to try a sock yarn and see if I can get a newborn size. For these ones, I used Knitpicks Swish DK and it is lovely and soft next to a small boy's sensitive skin.

Speaking of the boy and his clothes, here's a shot of him getting chocolate croissant on his t-shirt, his face, his hands, just about everywhere. But he sure had a good time eating it!

We've had a long weekend here this week and the weather's been very hit and miss - good for the garden, though. Which we've been working on diligently. We're finally past the last frost warning and looking to plant this week.

So looking forward to some canning and pickling this year.

Happy home making! Michele

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