Tuesday, August 09, 2011

No Excuse

Not even a lame one. Life has just been busy, in a lovely, social, summer kind of way. Plus we're living with a toddler and expecting a new babe in a few months. So the blog has been sadly neglected while we've been off enjoying life.

I have been crafting quite a bit, though, but loading pictures onto my aging laptop is becoming cumbersome and disheartening. And I like blogposts with pictures so I tend not to do too many that don't have them.

Even if it's just a lovely pic of the boy with cheeks very full of banana!

I will try to catch you all up on crafting and other life activities in the coming weeks. I'll be more diligent with the photos and get some details up of what's been going on.

Oh, and speaking of details, we've found out that we're having a healthy and big baby girl! Bring on the pink knitting, I say!

Happy summery Tuesday, Michele


La Tea Dah said...

Your little guy gets cuter by the day! He's adorable!

Knatolee said...

One of each, how lovely! :) Callum will have some fun with a baby sis.