Saturday, August 13, 2011

Off To The Garden

Callum seems to be a natural around the garden. He's very drawn to it - but that may be because it's got a little fence around it. Ha!

Whatever his reason, he is very helpful, like when checking on the zucchini.

Or tasting the chives.

Of course, things are lusher and greener and producing more now. (This pic was taken in June.) I'm grateful that he likes the garden and to eat garden fare. Not that he isn't a picky eater - no meat, thankyouverymuch. But what he likes are fresh fruit and vegetables. It could be worse!

On the crafting front, I made some really cute pot holders for my grandmother's birthday from a free Lion Brand pattern (that I can't seem to link to today). But here's a horrible picture of something completely adorable.

This crochet thing I've been learning this summer is completey addictive. I had to go out and add to my cotton stash just to keep up. ;)

Happy weekend crafting! Michele


La Tea Dah said...

A pretty garden and an adorable son! He reminds me of my eldest, now all grown up. He loved gardens at that age too and always had one of his own. He lives with his wife in an apartment now, but has a tiny patio with herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and flowers --- all planted in pots and carefully tended.

Knatolee said...

Your garden look great. And Callum has GROWN LIKE A WEED! He's so cute.