Monday, August 29, 2011

Plans Of A Different Kind

One of the non-crafty things I like to do is read. I have lots of reading that I do just for pleasure, (even guilty pleasures) that's for sure. But since my university days have ended, I also like to give myself reading challenges.

Reading challenges? Yes. Reading challenges. I don't mean "This year I will read more literary classics." They are more specific than that. For example, a couple of years ago, I decided I would read all the winners of the Giller Prize. I'm not in a hurry or anything, but I am working my way through them.

In fact, I only have two books left as of this past weekend. I've ordered these two from the library and will be picking them up later this week. (Fortunately, both are available on cd so I can carry on with my Christmas crafting while I indulge!)

It feels great to be nearly through them all. This is especially great since some of them were really difficult books to read. Difficult style, difficult subject matter, difficult emotionally. I'm not sure they were all worth it but the difficult ones do stay with me, that's for certain.

Now that I'm nearly finished this particular challenge, my next big reading list is going to be the Canada Reads winners. There is definitely some overlap and it's a smaller list, which makes it a bit less daunting, and I am so okay with that.

Another blogger I discovered recently is trying to read the Canada Reads Top 40 books. It's comforting to know I'm not the only reader out there who gives herself these kinds of challenges. Very comforting. ;)

So my question for you today: what do you like to read? What kinds of books call to you?

Happy reading, Michele


Knatolee said...

Hmm, I read fiction and non-fiction. I just finished a book called Secrets and Wives: The Hidden World of Mormon Polygamy. :) I have read some of the Canada Reads books, too. I'm not a mystery fan. I think it's because I can't stand the suspense, and always flip to the end to see what happens so that I can relax.

Are you on Goodreads?

Katharyn said...

Well eclectic is my game... but that makes it hard to post as a reply... might just have to write an actual blog post for this... however in the mean time: sci fi pulp and fantasy (of the non pulp) have taken up much of my reading time of late, but I'm a bigger fan of heavy handed dramas, and pulp drama perpendicularly female sleuth novels with a twist (such as being a yarn store owner, or a witch, or a necromancer). I'm also a sucker (and was every before I learned to really enjoy reading) for diary's be they genuine works or fictional.

As someone who came to enjoy reading rather late in the game, I decided a few years ago to catch up on the things I felt I should have read as a child but hadn't. First the Anne of Green Gables series, and then the Little House on the Prairie series. Both have definitely brought out my desire to live a homestead life!

While reading "The Plague Year" I got the goal into my head that once done I would read the Federalist Papers prior to the next USA Presidential Election, but the Plague year wore me out and I'm only now starting to feel put the challenge (which isn't enough time to meet that goal). Still, better late than never right?