Thursday, January 03, 2013

Well, hello there

It's been a year since things went quiet on here.  Sorry about the disappearing act. 

It wasn't intentional or anything.  It just happened.  As time wore on, I kept thinking I should get back here and update everyone about life and crafts and kids and such.  But then time just kept wearing on and updates kept not happening.  Eventually, I decided to wait the year before I came back.  Take a good long and more intentional break, you know?  And honestly, I'm not sure I will come back.  Or possible start fresh somewhere else with a different focus.  Or carry on here with a different focus.  Or whatever. 

It was surprisingly easy to get out of the habit of writing blog posts in my head.  As my crafting time disappeared in the early days of Isabel's life, those posts disappeared first.  And then as life got busy in the days after her birth, I didn't really want to share what we were going through.  It was a stressful period for all of us and taking the time to update was not in the cards, even if I had had the motivation to do so. 

So many pulls in so many direction brought on the final decline of post ideas.  And without post ideas, well, what does one do with a blog?  But I am thinking about things that might happen in this space again.  Ideally it would happen with regularity.  I'm not making any promises, though, because we all know what they say about good intentions and where they lead. 

For now, I'll just say hi.  How are you?  Would love to hear how your 2012 turned out.  Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. 

Cheers, and Happy 2013. 

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I'm so glad to hear glad to hear you are alive and well, you have been missed. I hear you on the time issue, my blog suffered to once the kids came. I still keep up my new one although Asia adventures is long since gone, can't believe you and have been blogging that long.